Kiln Dryers

Heat Treatment

Kilns are automatically controlled according species and thickness. High air-flow and the size of the heater battery will decide the speed of drying.

Kilns can be fork-truck or rail loading/unloading. Wood heating is the most economical heat supply.

Heat treatment is used for pallets.
Our kilns are robust and have local back-up. They are specifically designed for fast drying of softwood and hardwood timber. Features include heat treatment and fan speed control for energy efficiency.

Here are some of its main features:

  •     aluminium and stainless steel chamber.
  •     alu-steel heating coils.
  •     computer-driven intake and exhaust dampers.
  •     heating and humidification control valves.
  •     easy to use, accurate control via computer.
  •     forktruck or carriage loading.